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About thai-antiques.com

This is a site about anything related to Thai antiques, Thai handicrafts and other related and maybe some not so related objects. To clarify what I mean by antiques I have included information on modern reproductions since acquiring genuine old Buddhist or other Thai workmanship is increasingly rare and let’s face it; expensive and difficult (link til utbrodering).

Though anything from all over Thailand goes, Bangkok antique (and not so antique) and other rarity shopping will often be the focus.

About me

frank munkvold About Us

Having previously lived in Bangkok for many years, I have intimate knowledge of the city and it’s peoples and markets. I have also traveled extensively throughout the country during my 15+ trips here over the last 13 years.

I have a beautiful wife from Bangkok that, like most women, is into shopping and acquiring beautiful ornamentations to enhance our home.

We live in Norway these days but our hearts remain in Thailand.

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