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Antiques shopping in Thailand like in most places requires a trained eye and experience. It is easy to be duped if you don’t know your way around this market. It’s also getting increasingly hard to find genuine Buddhist and Thai antiques due to ever increasing control and regulations.

Thai Antiques Welcome to Thai AntiquesMoreover many antiques from Thailand, especially Buddha statues, requires a certificate of approval from the Ministry of Culture to be brought out of the country. So in case you plan to buy a genuine Thai Antique be sure to get the right documentation and figure at least a week for approval from the government.

Most “antiques” people buy these days are replicas and modern reproductions. Buying the real thing is expensive (and as mentioned not for the unexperienced) and many just want a nice piece to spruce up their home, give as a gift or aquire a physical memory of their time spent in the amazing kingdom of Thailand.

So in this site I have included much about regular souvenir/reproduction shopping in Bangkok and around Thailand as well as this is what most people are interested in.

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