Souvenir Shopping in Bangkok


Souvenir Shopping in Bangkok

souvenir shopping in bangkok 300x225 Souvenir Shopping in BangkokBangkok is the shopping Mecca for those on the prowl for great antique souvenirs. With excellent Bangkok souvenirs that speak of the good taste and cultural intricacies uniquely Thai, one would be hard put not to be overly extravagant when assaulted with the pomp and pageantry of Bangkok souvenir shopping. It is recommended though, that the shopper possess a certain maven-ish flair for telling authentic and genuine antiques from mere reproductions.

Buddhist art, specifically, is pervasively omnipresent, as it distinctively reflects the unique and one-of-a-kind quality of Thailand’s ancient periods. Any Buddhist figure obtained when Bangkok souvenir shopping must be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and approval issued by the Ministry of Culture, and should thusly be provided by the dealer. Be wary of unscrupulous dealers when it comes to antiques.

The Antique Lover’s Haven

Antique connoisseurs and collectors are well-advised to try Bangkok souvenir shopping at a sprawling premier place dedicated to such endeavors – the River City Shopping Complex over at 23 Yota Road, Sampantawong. With the third- and fourth-floor shops having the widest array of magnificent antiques and captivating collector’s items, it would be an unending dilemma to actually make a final choice and close a bargain. A rare global collection can be seen with a great selection of local Bangkok souvenirs interspersed with those from Cambodia, China, Europe, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam.

Take your pick–if you can–from among rich collections of ceramics and porcelains, silver and gold trinkets and boxes, sculptured and wooden pieces, among other things. Be mesmerized further by a cluster of antique shops selling Bangkok souvenirs conveniently located on the ground floor. As an added attraction to those shoppers out for only the most genuine pieces regardless of their price, monthly auctions are held on every first Saturday of every month. Organized by the Riverside Auction House, this Bangkok souvenir shopping event promises to be a thrilling bidding experience for the seriously discriminating antique collector and connoisseur.

The Silom Galleria

With a breathtaking collection of artistic crafts and fine antique pieces, the Silom Galleria at 919/1 Silom Road, Bangrak in Bangkok could very well be the antique collector’s best bet for Bangkok souvenir shopping. Here, you can find jewelry and Bangkok souvenirs that showcase the superb skills of Thai jewelry crafting renowned throughout the world. Thailand’s largest collection of precious gemstones in intricate settings is easily procurable to the serious antique jewelry shopper. Aside from this, ancient arts and art products that elegantly display Thailand’s creative flair are also available. You couldn’t get anything or go anywhere better than this–the Silom Galleria.

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