Thai Amulets and Good Luck Charms

Thai Amulets and Good Luck Charms Thai Amulets and Good Luck CharmsMany people are charmed by Thai amulets, which are said to bring love, success, happiness and promises of good fortune. No one can give you with a definite answer if any of the “promises” of the good luck charms of Thailand are effective or not but it is possible to know which ones are authentic and which ones are not. Because of the demand for Thai good luck charms, the number of vendors has increased but not all of them sell genuine amulets.

When you buy Thai amulets, make sure you view them up close and not just through a glass screen, or worse, in pictures. It would be helpful if you can a Thai friend to guide you around some of best places that actually sell the real Thai amulets. Take note that amulets are usually made from various materials like gold, copper, wood, bronze, silver, etc and all these can be replicated easily.

If you are out on your own and you are not an expert on judging authenticity, then judge based on the expertise of the seller. If the seller seems knowledgeable and isn’t pushing you too hard to buy, it’s probably safe to do so.

Good luck charms from Thailand are an authentic craft of the Thais so look for vendors who are locals and residents of Thailand. If you do online shopping and the Thai amulets are not sent from Thailand, then that could prove to be a sketchy deal; do a background check of the vendor or ask him/her personally. How much does the seller know about the amulets? Does he/she know the history, the significance, the tradition and the process of making the Thai good luck charms? What does the seller claim about the Thai amulets?

Buddhist amulets are not sold for the sake of fooling others into false claims. Genuine vendors sell for various reasons but they should not sell them to con people. The prices of genuine Thai good luck charms are not cheap, and genuine vendors would never make exaggerated promises of magical powers or any “abilities” of the amulets.

Look beyond the business talk of the seller. Some are manipulated into buying the good luck charms from Thailand because the sellers played with their emotions. Are you being promised happiness, good fortune, success, etc?

Sellers with good intentions would not sell you emotion but would sell you the significance and the meaning of Thai amulets in relation to the Thai culture. Thai amulets are not magical artifacts; they are beautiful creations that symbolize the Thai tradition.

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